We offer a wide range of Servicing options for ALL MAKES AND MODELS including Landrover / Range Rover, Mini and Volkswagen.

For all new cars within the first 3 years of their life, a service at an approved garage is a must and ensures that your manufacturers’ warranty is protected.

Regular servicing of your vehicle will not only improve its reliability, safety and environmental performance but also protect its re-sale or trade-in value.

Owners of vehicles over three years old should not rely purely on the annual MOT, which is both a false economy and potentially dangerous.

A vehicle’s Service History can not only boost its value but also make the difference between a desirable and completely unwanted car.

The absence of a service history can knock a substantial amount off a car’s value or, even worse, put off potential buyers completely.

To find our most up to date service schedules simply head to our Online Booking page, select servicing and enter your vehicle details – from here you’ll be provided with an accurate quote and servicing options for your vehicle.