Remember the old saying ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’?

Here is an example of someone not cleaning components properly prior to fitting them to an engine.

The engine is a recently fitted fully reconditioned Range Rover 4.0 L V8 with several components from the old engine fitted.

The vehicle owner complained of a rattling noise at the top end of the engine and the Oil Pressure light illuminating after just a few minutes driving.

The vehicle arrived in our workshop and a few basic checks confirmed the customers observations.

  We removed the sump only to discover that it was awash with debris.
  The oil strainer gauze was nearly blocked solid with the same material.
 Looking up to the crank and pistons we could see that the area was very clean as you would expect with a recently reconditioned engine. You can also see that we have removed a Big End Cap to check for bearing and crank
So where had this debris originated from? It certainly wasn’t from the engine that we supplied so it must be from something that the mechanic had bolted on during engine fit.
Next thing to check was one of the Rocker Covers on the top of the engine.
And here you can see a source of the debris and the cause of the running problems.

The debris coating the inside surfaces of the rocker cover was quite thick and had built up over tens of thousands of miles.  
The fresh oil put into the engine at fit had started to wash the debris off the inside of the Rocker Cover, this debris was then going down into
the sump only to be sucked up to the Oil Strainer by the Oil Pump.
The vehicle owner lost the use of his Range Rover for several days at a cost of many hundreds of pounds for repairs and recovery.

The whole situation could have been avoided if the mechanic that fitted the engine had taken care to properly clean the Rocker Covers and other components before fitting them to the reconditioned engine.

As a Reconditioner when we say ensure that all components are thoroughly clean before fit’  we don’t say it for fun!